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Area Sights

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The following are just some of the area sights that create fun and wonderful opportunities for relaxation and photography. Best of all, each one is just a short stroll from Twelve West Main.

Big Chair

The “Big Chair” of Thomasville, made primarily of cement and steel, was erected in 1951 to replace the original monument. The original was erected in 1922, but had been made of wood and only lasted 15 years.

Thomasville’s chief industry was and still is furniture manufacturing. And, chairs were Thomasville’s primary furniture produced throughout the early to middle 20th century.

Band Stand

Built in 1983, Thomasville’s Bandstand was created on behalf of and funded by the Thomasville Garden Club to honor Pauline Walker. Pauline, a club charter member, shared fond memories of selling refreshments at church bazaars at the original bandstand. The original bandstand stood about 50 feet from its current location from the late 1800s to the 1940s.

Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, located in the heart of Thomasville, was erected in 2002 to commemorate the city’s 150th anniversary. This beautiful clock, which stands at 34 feet tall, is four feet taller than the Big Chair and weighs in excess of 8,000 pounds.

Bell Tower Fountain

Sorry we don’t have any interesting history on the fountain. But, its still gorgeous, isn’t it!

Train Depot

Now serving as Thomasville’s Visitor Center, this Train Depot was originally built in 1870. The Thomasville Historical Society completed restoration in 1977. Though no longer in use under its original purpose, it is still one of the oldest standing railroad depots in North Carolina.


For more information about Thomasville’s sights, attractions, and rich history, visit the Thomasville Tourism Commission Website.